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Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School Website

OLGC Parish School’s online presence was in need of much need of attention. We strategized to ensure every family who visited the website would know that Our Lady of Good Counsel offers an authentically Catholic education to its students.

ENCOUNTER Festival Branding

Although this project never came to fruition, OLGC planned on creating a day of encounter with the citizens of Plymouth. Based on Acts 17:6, ‘When they could not find them, they dragged… some believers before the city authorities, shouting, “These people who have been turning the world upside down.”‘

Our Lady of Good Counsel Stewardship Report

Every year OLGC produces a Stewardship Report to keep its parishioners informed of how OLGC has invested its time, talent, and treasure to ensure every person in our community has a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Website

OLGC Parish’s website needed to become mobile-friendly and easily navigable amongst its many ministries and events. This was a collaborative effort with fellow colleagues to ensure that we were able to effectively communicate the latest news, events and information to not only parishioners, but to followers around the world.

CONNECT Branding

OLGC launched CONNECT: a program for families with children in grades 1 – 6 who can: commit to “digging in” to teaching the faith at home, desire clergy-lead lessons and small group discussions with other parents, and are seeking to ignite the faith of their family in a new way. The logo is to present the connections between faith and family as we are the “domestic church.”

Theotokos (Acrylic on Fiberboard)

Commissioned for a dear priest, I go back to my creative roots through painting, my first love. I chose an icon of Theotokos as he is so devoted to Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

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